July 13, 2009

24 Ways to be an Ordinary RADICAL

post written by Illuminated Mind

Sometimes in order to find balance, you need to fall many times. In order to find the center, you often have to walk the edges.

To find equilibrium, sometimes you have to experience instability.

That’s why I’ve found it helpful to pursue:

The Path of the Ordinary Radical

In the revolutionary sense, radicals are often seen in a negative light. But when it comes to your own self-development, you’ll often need to go to extremes in order to find balance. You will likely need to pursue radical undertakings to uproot your currently undesirable patterns. (It’s probably useful to note here that while they may seem radical to you, they could be perceived as mild or ordinary to others.)

Sometimes the pursuit of radical action is born out of necessity. You’ve hit a bottom and there’s really no other foreseeable path. But there’s also always another approach…

The Intentional Pursuit of Radicalism

This is the desire to pursue profound change in the name of personal growth. It’s not done because you’ve hit a bottom; you do it because you just can’t imagine living any other way. You can’t fathom not completely submerging yourself in the massive spectrum of possibilities life has to offer.

Pursuing the radical path is partly done in the quest of uprooting false paradigms, but it’s also because you’re a glutton for life. You want to arrive at the grave thoroughly used up.

Here are some of the possibilities of the ordinary radical:

  • Question all of your beliefs, even the ones that make up the core foundation of your framework for understanding reality.
  • Pray for your enemies.
  • Commit to the Four Agreements.
  • Take a vow of celibacy, or declare yourself straightedge (obviously not for everyone, myself included). These things could also be done for a set period of time.
  • Go on a rampage of kindness (see this guy for inspiration).
  • Be insanely open about your beliefs and feelings — no holds barred.
  • Say yes to everything for a day.
  • Be fanatical about living on your own terms, following your own path, and being completely authentic.

You might also seek some of these radical physical pursuits:

These are just a few ways you can be an ordinary radical. There are obviously many other paths you can take. Your imagination is your only limit.

The real benefit of pursuing extreme endeavors is that it gives you lots of practice to push your threshold of perspective. The more you stretch your limits, the more flexible and fearless you become. The more you see supposedly big, scary things as not so big and not so scary, the less daunting other challenges become for you.

Then doing something like reclaiming your dreams is easy.

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