July 22, 2009

days go by…

its amazing how fast the week goes when 2 days are completely absorbed into sitting in a chair listening to other people talk. here are a few queues I have taken from this conference on how to get through conference and still be productive.

1. skip the snacks. conferences are filled with sweet snacks at designated tea/coffee moments. avoid them. the sugar rush is short lived, and when you feel sleepy, you will miss out on key points. on that point, skip the coffee. start the way with water, and stick to it. snack on fruit.

2. dont spend the time tweeting. twitter isnt a great application for being productive and being able to listen and tweet at the same time. skip the pc during talks.

3. use the breaks. 3g card plus laptop = 30min time to check/respond to email, and make some important calls. dont spend it talking to randoms about how awesome that presentation was.

4. dont overeat at lunch. buffets have a nasty habit of making you believe you can eat more than you actually can. this leaves you overfull and with puppy syndrome i.e. tummy full, eyes closed.

5. position yourself dead centre. tweakage of the neck on a 30 degree angle for 4 hours at a time will result in a visit to the chiro after the conference.

6. avoid the first nights party. the first night always presents an awesome party, but the 2nd day is generally filled with the best speakers. getting 2 hours sleep and waking in a tequila haze, is not recommended for 100% attention span.

I could think of more, but I can’t really be bothered right now. to be perfectly honest.

I have 156 emails to get through, 4 websites to get up and running, and loads of Cape Epic proposals to get out. I have 26k to deposit in a week into an account which secures my entry…

how ridiculous. but its for the kids…

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