July 27, 2009

Being prepared

So I got my ass handed to me on a shiny, fynbos ridden plate on saturday morning, and I really don’t have anyone to blame but myself. Here are the lessons I learnt from the race:

1. Check the route: I had no idea where to go, and got stranded, about 15m behind someone, and about 200m ahead of the next guy, in the dark. I kept going straight on a path which looked like THE path to be on, but in reality, I should have turned left at some point. But there are no markers, so I ran till I got the top of the hill and spotted another lost soul. Bad move. around 4min wasted by this point, and would take me another 4-5min to find the path, and then got stuck behind a train of slow-movers up a singletrack path, walking/jogging. Cost us the overall race, and the record.

2. Don’t panic: In my haste to find the route, I was bounding over fynbos like a springbok, and when feet hit a pile of wet wood, I was head over heels on my back, back seized, and shins seriously hurt, and bleeding. Backtracking is often the better idea. As boys, we tend to believe we can bound and hop our way over anything. Not so.

3. Gear: I had on shorts and short socks. kak idea when the route is overgrown, covered in prickly things, sticks, freshly chopped branches, etc. My legs are cut up so badly I cant swim today. Infection is in the wounds and I am in light pain, all the time, 2 days later. Had I checked the route beforehand, I would have known to wear long tights, would would have saved me more time, as by the end I was running around the direct routes, to avoid more scrapes and cuts.

So thats what I learnt on satuday. scout the route, dont panic when things go wrong, and make sure you are equipped for the conditions.

Those are some great life, business and relationship rules too I reckon.

Monday here we come!

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