August 4, 2009

RokThis, a new initiative

so behind the scenes much bargaining, selling personal stuff I don’t use often and gearing up sponsors for a great initiative has been going on. I am glad to announce that after much decision making we can start to work at something great. For a while now, I have wanted to create something that people can be a part of, whilst giving to a great cause.

I was coming down the stairs at work one day, and call it divine intervention, call it whatever you want, but I heard a clear voice tell me that the Randomness of Kindness was what I had to do.

I knew I could get people to give R100 to feed and clothe a homeless person, with no options. The money will cover proper meals for a week, and a long sleeve shirt to protect against the elements.

With our crazy challenge of racing 1700 odd kilometers in the 4 races we are doing Jan-April 2010, I am going to set the challenge to get each and every kilometer sponsored at R100, thereby giving away 1700 weeks of food, and 1700 winter warmers.

This is an initiative which will not stop there. It will become a sustainable project which will aim to do this over and over, once a month, to help our amazing country.

There are people who truly need our help. To ask R100 from you is zero. Its one less pizza a month, 4 less draught beers (swing by the Safe House and I will give you a Jack Black or three for free), or selling something random that you don’t use that often – which is exactly what I had to do to get this project going – I sold almost all my personal posessions to pay for entry fees and get kit made up.

Keep an ear out for this project, you will be hearing alot more about it. Its going to change the way people look at giving. Its going to be so good.

So if you feel like helping – I need a logo and website designed and might need some help with a HTML mailer at some point. I would do this myself but I am buried in work at this point, doing exactly that, coaching more and more athletes, training for this challenge, and building the momentum towards it.

And indeed, this will only be a success with a bit of help….

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