August 6, 2009

Putting it all on the line

There so so many phrases that lend itself to the particular notion of putting it all on the line.

Diesel claims that fortune favors the brave.

Lance Armstrong said pain is weakness leaving the body.

No Fear said that pain is temporary, glory is forever.

The list goes on and you get the point.

So throughout history, is there a case in point, where putting it all on the line, was a reasonable assurance that you would have success at what you were attempting. Does the assumption that the guy/girl who wants something the most in a race, gets it? Is there a set of historical facts which back that?

Type “putting it all on the line” into Google and you will get 29 400 000 results. Alot of success it seems.

Should you wish to be a real drunkard, put your life on the line and drink.
Should you wish to be in love that is true, put your life on the line and love.
Should you wish to become a good teacher, put your life on the line and stand in front of the class.
Whatever it is, if you’re going to be the genuine article,
Put your life on the line.
Put your life on the line…
(poem by Yi Kwang-ung)

With this in mind, clearly I am thinking about this concept alot lately. Having put alot on the line lately, will I get that much back? Should I put more out there, to get more back? Is there a ratio?

So many questions. So few real answers.

Religion is a belief that all your hopes will be answered and come true. Having something to believe in, is huge. Having hope, is even bigger. Hope is a key proponent to all success, and I guess putting it all on the line requires alot of hope, that the right outcome will take place.

Hope inspires us to greater things, and conquers the ego’s need make you doubt. Hope gives us a reason to get out of bed in the morning, when its cold, to put on our running shoes and head out the door while our partner sleeps, warm, cozy, in the hope that we will achieve that goal.

What do I hope for?

More things than I can list on this page I’m afraid. Buy me a coffee, and I will share more with you…because I want to hear about your hopes as well.

Wow, random thought day. Must be the weather.

Go be great…. now.

2 Comments on “Putting it all on the line

Nic Muhl
August 6, 2009 at 12:24 pm

Talking about getting out of bed while your partenr sleeps… I was thinking just the same thing this morning when I went swimming. Bed seemed like the perfect place to be. I HOPE I’ll be GREAT someday!

August 6, 2009 at 10:45 pm



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