August 18, 2009

an update of sorts

its been a while since I had a personal update for you guys in what I am involved in and where I am going with my life. I guess as someone who benchmarks alot, and someone who shares all this information about how I believe you should live your life, I should show that proof is in the pudding at points.

So lets have a look see (honestly) at how I`m going along…

This site had grown from 50 people its first month to 57 000 last month thanks to a wonderful sports blog who sent me 40 000 odd visitors, but the average is around 10 000 per month. Thats up from 50 visitors a month to around 400 a day. UNIQUE visitors. Its amazing to me that this keeps growing, but the proof is in the pudding I guess. Thank you for coming back all the time. Its a very humbling experience.

I wish I had more time to market, spend time writing and doing more effort for this site, but life has me real busy at the moment with the following things:

1. I started a collabo effort to create ROK, a online brand agency, which does Urban Ninja for other people – create content, update, integrate and more than anything, tell the right story for your brand. This is going very well.

2. I am coaching, and involved with more HP style athletes as we go, and my coaching platform is in the phase of expansion, to be able to offer daily emails, weekly mails, nutrition tracking, programs, etc etc… all off a custom Training Peaks metrics system.

3. I am in the process of creating a foundation called ROK This, which aims to give 5000 weeks off food, 5000 warm items of clothing and R400 000 to sustainable projects by April 25th, 2010, which is the date of Ironman SA, and also, the birthday of my amazing girl.

4. KHK Wines (our family farm) continues to show record breaking growth, and we are planning a cellar this year, as well as planting olive trees for a future range of boutique premium olive oils. We are extremely excited about this years harvest, as it was our best yet, and we look forward to the product doing really well on the market.

5. My sponsors are incredible to me. Thank you Puma, Whasp, Suunto, Rockets, Jack Black Beer, Orca and a few more who I cant talk about just yet as I am still to sign agreements with guys, but the level of involvement from people is incredible. Thank you.

6. My life is gorgeous, and I am always amazed at how blessed I am. I live in an incredible place surrounded by amazing people and I am involved in fantastic projects all around me. I have incredible friends (who I have neglected somewhat recently working 8am till 10pm) and a wonderful support structure and peer group.

let’s all raise a glass to the future. its looking bright indeed….

2 Comments on “an update of sorts

Kelly Dorrington
August 18, 2009 at 3:41 pm

Awesome stuff Raoul. Very impressed, really nice write up. Will keep following…thanks

Urban Ninja
August 19, 2009 at 3:42 pm

Nice. thanks for the comment!


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