August 20, 2009

FROM MONDAY will rock your world!

Have you ever found that you got your most creative ideas and revelations by just going for a walk or a run? Can you relate to that on top of the world feeling after a physical activity? Do you sometimes feel so under pressure that you just want to run away?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then listen up. Your body, mind and soul is telling you that it needs some form of exercise. Now I know you are already thinking “I don’t have time, energy, knowledge or the right shoes to do this plus I have tried so many times anyway” and I want to tell you, STOP KIDDING YOURSELF. You are the boss of you and you are the reason why your health and fitness is where it is today. You are the only one that can do something about it so buckle up and let’s get down to business. (I promise this will be fun!)

As a physical body you receive your energy through 3 channels.
1. What you eat.
2. How you exercise.
3. How you recover (rest).

So firstly, if I was driving my dream car (Audi Q5, soon that is), there is no way in hell that I will fill it up with Olive Oil. I won’t even fill up with petrol if it was a diesel model. Why? Simply because the car won’t work properly if I do that. So why on earth do we put garbage in our bodies and expect to work at full capacity?

Secondly, when we do exercise we are creating energy. Most people have a warped idea that you are tired after training, where in fact you feel more alert, more energetic and more alive when you do regular exercise. So what do we do when we are under work pressure? We cut on the time spend on training. How stupid is that! I know we all do that, but think about it. We are cutting away from the source that gives us energy in a time when we need energy the most. Realistically we should be spending more time creating energy (training physically), so that we can function in work, finance and family life more sufficiently.

Then lastly, we all have a 16 hour battery life. As humans we need to be recharged for about 8 solid hours to produce optimal functionality in the 16 hours awake. Studies have proved that lack of sleep has been associated with worsening of blood pressure and cholesterol, all risk factors for heart deceases and strokes. A prolonged lack of sleep has an intoxicating effect on your body. According to the Journal of Applied Sports Science, being awake for 24 hours has the same physical effect as a blood alcohol content of 0.096, which is above the legal driving limit. So don’t think you are Batman, Spiderman or even my beloved Edward Cullen that can do without sleep. If you don’t take the rest you need now, it will be deleted from the end of your life. So no long life for yoooooooouuuuuuu.

It’s not all complicated. A balanced lifestyle is actually much more fun than you think. You will find that majority of the successful business executives are in some sort of training program pushing the boundaries just as hard in the physical sphere as in business. Wouldn’t you want top of your company or industry? Have you ever stop to ask why that is? If not, I have to warn you that you might need to look at cognitive default reprogramming. (Say what?)

Since we live in a physical world and body, the way we experience our true capacity and potential is in the physical. Where you are now, you have not even scraped the tip of the iceberg of what you can do and achieve in your life. (Sorry to say, but I am also talking to myself here) If you thought that you arrived or that this is the best you can do, I have extremely exciting news for you. You can experience 100 times higher, better, faster, more. It is when we start pushing and keep pushing our abilities in the physical that we learn the characteristics we need to do in other areas of life.

This is the reason why I started FROM MONDAY Corporate Wellness. I am here to Inspire, Equip, Motivate and Celebrate the journey from success to success. My WIG (Wild Improbable Goal the Fairy Godmother helped me with) is to see Africa become the wealthiest continent in the world. Wealthy in Finance. Wealthy in Health. Wealthy in relationships and Family life. I believe with all my heart that a healthy and fit body carries a healthy and fit mind. By taking care and having respect for oneself first, everything else will fall into place in our own lives, our family, our community, our businesses, our economy, our nation, our continent. Capish!

If you believe this with me and want to see this change happen in yourself and within your company, contact me on 083 245 3898 or so that I can tell you more about the FROM MONDAY program

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