August 21, 2009


Say what you want…. you cant ignore the fact that he ran that fast last night. As I bolted (erm… yes) out of my seat when the time came up I realised that we will never again see someone so dominant in sprint races.

Watch other athletes and you will see they are all taking in a bit of Bolt, taking things a little more relaxed. Does it work for them as well as for him? No idea. Ask them.

But Federer, Woods and Phelps are nowhere near as dominant as this 22 year old kid from the Caribbean, who smiles and enjoys his way to world records.

Last night he gave it all he had. Teeth out, nostrils flaring, it was beautiful to see that he does suffer. That he is human.

Don’t pretend he doesnt inspire you to want to be a better person.

One Comment on “Bolt

Nic Muhl
August 21, 2009 at 2:46 pm

He’s 23 China. It’s his birthday today!


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