August 25, 2009

The Caster Semenya Debacle

So, we have all heard of this amazing girl, right? She is fresh out of school, and the world has jumped to conclusions that she is indeed, secretly, a man. Her remarkable increased performances this year shout of some sort of substance abuse, surely, to the negative, pessimistic people out there. That is how they justify the fact that they would never go above and beyond.

I feel so bad for her. You have the incompetence of ASA (Athletics South Africa), combined with the sheer uselessness of Julius Malema (who today proclaimed that no white people were there to welcome her back to SA whilst Grant from the 12-3pm show on 5FM was there, and that he was not the only wit ou in attendance) and in the middle is this amazing talent, a fresh, 18 year old talent.

Imagine you were world class, from a remote area, and in your final year at school – someone saw you and took you to get the proper training, rehab, prehab, nutrition etc. I bet in a year, a rough diamond would be shaped into an incredible talent. We see it ALL the time with Kenyan runners, swimmers around the age of 16, and indeed, amazing talents in South African rugby who come up at 18/19 and shine straight from the Platteland.

Now imagine your administrative bodies failed you, a egotistical headline seeker “Polititian” grabbed your glory to headline his own plight, and that every person who asked you a question was not what you did differently in training, but if you could please remove your pants so they can see, for themselves, if you are ACTUALLY a woman.

Ok, Caster looks big on TV. I bet if you stood next to her she would be small. maybe 1.6m in heigh, and under 50kg in weight. She is muscular, yes, but I bet with her hair loose, and something girly to wear, there would be no claims.

But will we see an imagine like this?

I doubt it. She doesn’t seem to care. I don’t blame her at all and I would be hugely suprised (and ASA huge emboerissssssed) if anything more comes of this.

I hope she breaks the 800m, 1500m world records time and time again. That she continuously puts the pessimists at bay and that indeed, we all take her on as someone to be proud of as a South African, of all colors.

Leave race out of it, you bafoons. For a light humor moment though, click this link… here.

Julia Malema…. hahahah!

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