August 26, 2009

Sleep quality

Are you this guy in the morning?

I know many people who struggle getting up in the morning. I think it largely has to do with how you go to bed – this waking up tired thing. Couple of fool proof remedies which work for me are:

1. Cup of rooibos about 30min before bedtime. settles my tummy. no sugar, no milk. Rooibos + applejuice.

2. Stop work at least 2 hours before bedtime. Nothing kills my sleep more than a mind still working while I`m sleeping. 2 hours seems to do the trick for me.

3. Stretch, or rub your fascia with a Myofacial ball. I will go into the ball tomorrow, but stretching the line which runs from your foot, through your back into your spine, makes for better sleep.

4. Have a bedtime routine. Brush teeth, wash face, whatever it takes to teach your body that its now going to sleep. Do it. Teach your subconsicous to respond to these triggers to trigger good, healthy sleep.

5. Urban Angel tells me I need to sleep in 2 hour batches, so either 6 or 8 hours. Ask her why. Its something she preaches. I am merely the student.

Give those a shot, so you dont look like this kid in the morning. It is not puuuurdy.

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August 26, 2009 at 5:09 pm

People’s sleep cycles are different from person to person, so while Urban Angel suggest you sleep in 2 hour batches other people sleep in 1.5 hour batches (or REM cycles).

It’s important that a person discover their sleep cycle length then use that to plan sleep. One should never awaken in the middle of a sleep cycle as they’ll feel terrible. So if you sleep in 1.5 hour cycles and only have 5 hours to sleep then sleep for 4.5. This way one wakes up ‘fresher’ than someone who wakes up at hour 5 in the middle of a sleep cycle.

Someone once suggested to me that you time your sleep, so basically you go to sleep then wake up naturally without the use of an alarm a few times to figure out your sleep cycle length.

I do believe like you that this lack of understanding is what causes most people to wake up tired. This is something that most people can remedy for free and will add a huge improvement to their lives.

Another thing that people shouldn’t do is also eat too close to bed time or drink coffee too late in the day.

Great post BTW

Urban Ninja
August 27, 2009 at 10:28 am

REM cycles are confusing, because their values change all the time, according to what you have read. is one example which only says total 90-120min a night. If thats true, then I guess if we could teach our bodies to go into REM quickly, we could sleep less?

I was under the impression 40min was an REM cycle, so I think thats where Urban Angel got it from – 2 hour batches would be 3 REM cycles of 40min, whereas your 45min x 2 are 90min cycles.

quite interesting.

If the world sleeps better, we`ll all get along better, which is they purpose of the post. thanks for the comment, and the kindness.


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