August 31, 2009

Nokia N97 mini user review

As the people in my close circle noticed in the last week, I have a new phone I am stuggling to put down. Nokia SA are getting involved with bloggers on a more regular basis, and I am hoping they will see value in the site and the way we are doing things for the Urban Ninja ROKThis Project and that we could add them to the roster for 2010.

So after a unsuccessful first review of another phone I had almost lost hope, but then the wonderful Olga suggested I try the new N97. I was hesitant, to say the least.

I was wrong.

This phone has been amazing. With the Nokia PC Suite, I was able to upload my contacts in 1 click, from an Excel file. With 4 clicks, my email was up and running. I have a few accounts, and they all work well on the phone. The internet is fast (3.5 HSPDA), and the best part is the desktop, which very much like the CMS which runs this website, works with Widgets. I have a twitter, facebook, email, weather widget on the desktop, so its all 1 touch access.

Oh, and its got a bigger hard drive than my first laptop 32 gigs, so I can store all my music, and use my killer Sennheiser earphones with them, so that while on the bike I can handle calls, and listen to background music, to keep the legs going.

Nokia Maps worked first time to get me to a location to drop some Kleinhoekkloof Wines to a lucky client, and all in all, its great. Battery life is about 2 days, which is great for the amount of time I use the phone, and the 5MP camera takes amazing pictures, like this one.

I`ll give it 2 more weeks and then give a full review, but if you are in the market for a phone right now, I am not saying get this one, but at least consider it.

3 Comments on “Nokia N97 mini user review

Gerhard Pieterse
August 31, 2009 at 11:08 am

Nokia N97 is perfect for all my applications, connectivity, multi media, sync to notebook, user friendly. I am biase to Nokia brand addict don’t want any other handset.

Free N97
September 25, 2009 at 12:22 am

Nice blog adding this to my twitter now


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