September 8, 2009

10 tips for a better life

I have the privilege of working with some amazingly smart people. I have to listen as much as I talk, hopefully a little more in the future, and I want to share some of the best tips for quick improvements in your day with you today. I believe if you can do just a few of these things, that your overall day will improve in a huge way, and that life will appear to be better.

Just not as bad as that Kellogg’s advert on the radio at the moment where the girl greets the trees, the birds, and the postman, because she is now “regular”.

Thats quite the vibe there Kellogg’s. Anyway. Here are some simple tips you might not have thought about…

1. Always eat a healthy breakfast. Coffee & other stimulants do not count. A healthy breakfast would consist of a cup of real food like Muesli or Oats, with limited sugar, and a cup of black Rooibos tea with a bit of apple juice to sweeten it up.

2. Pack your bags for the day, the night before, so you don’t have to rush in the morning.

3. If you work at a desk, get up and walk around once an hour, for 5 minutes. Flex your toes and stretch yourself out a bit. Blood flow is your friend.

4. Eat 5 meals a day. Snacking at 11am and 3pm means smaller main meals, but a steadier metabolism.

5. Get regular sleep. Nothing beats consistency when it comes to sleep i.e. Getting to bed at the same time every day as far as possible.

6. Get some sunshine! During your lunch break, make sure you sit in the sun for 10min. It will brighten up your day.

7. Skip the late night sugar. I used to have pudding 5 nights a week until about 8 weeks ago. I can’t explain to you how much better you sleep when you cut out that sugar rush before bedtime.

8. A glass of wine will sooth the day. But make sure its with dinner, and that it’s a bottle worth opening, every single time. Good wine, good coffee, and good chocolate are all substitutes worth having in your life.

9. Speaking of coffee, I am a big fan of the stuff, but in moderation. Great coffee requires no sugar, and hardly any milk. Its not bitter at all, but costs a little more. Its worth the investment.

10. Take 2 cups of HTFU and chill the hell out. Stop fretting the little things, they are going to kill you.

Now go out there, and be great.

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