September 9, 2009

The Housemate makes a sneaky appearance

If you haven’t been following, there is a great challenge of Telkom vs Nature happening today, called The Pigeon Race 2009.

The basics are as follows:

The Unlimited faces great challenges in getting data from its locations across KZN back to its central location for storage. These are large files, and it was postulated that a pigeon could do this faster than a normal landline could.

And so @pigeonrace2009 was born.

The Rules of Pigeonrace2009

1. No Cats allowed
2. The same amount of data will be sent on the landline and via the pigeon, on a SD card ( 4 gigabytes)
3. The race is from Howick to Hillcrest
4. The Pigeon flys from Howick to Gillits, and then will be transported via car to the finish site ( where the landline data will arrive)
5. The day will be announced closer to the time
6. Birdseed must not have any performance enhancing seeds within.
7. Data is not to be compressed.

Check for results on the site. More importantly though, that Winston, said pigeon, has his own page on Fakebook

As I browsed the Pigeon Race page this morning, there was The Housemate, proudly listed as a fan of Winston. Check the image here:


We have many issues with our ASDSL line, so it’s no surprise seeing the man being an avid fan of such a great cause. Are you a fan yet?

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