September 10, 2009

Getting your point across…

This ad for the WWF brings the message of the tsunami killing many more people than the 9/11 attacks brings the message across so well, that Americans were platzing in their pants, being all sentimental about the event, especially as its anniversary for that, tomorrow.

In your business, are you bringing your point across clearly, in the first 7 points you are making? If not, then chances are your business is not going to be a success.

Being clear and concise up front is vital, especially in tight economies of scale as we are dealing with right now around the world.

I urge you to do the following a little more diligently, before meetings:

1. Prepare – if the meeting is going to take you an hour, prep for at least an hour as well. Imagine questions the parties will ask, and ways they will try to dodge your sales bullets.

2. Visualise – take 5 minutes to yourself before the meeting and visualise yourself as a powerful business person who people trust, and believe in, and who’s product makes a difference to peoples lives.

3. Sit upright – nothing irritates me more than someone trying to sell me something, whilst slouching in their chairs.

4. Keep it short – your listening parties can only mentally process your first 7 points – thats why there are seven digits to telephone numbers. After that – you are gone. Point 8 does not matter. Sell them by point 4, and drive it home by point 6, with a closing point 7. Do it!

5. Celebrate – if you have signed a nice deal – go out and celebrate, blow off the stress you built up doing the pitch. Take a run, dance like nobody is watching, drink that bottle of Moet. Whatever it takes…

have a great day. now, tomorrow, and then… ITS THE WEEKEND BABY!

2 Comments on “Getting your point across…

Big Rob
September 10, 2009 at 4:34 pm

Love point number 5! Wiki wiki!

Urban Ninja
September 23, 2009 at 11:56 am

you`re a celebrator by nature, Big Rob


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