September 17, 2009

Living my life…

Today has been a wonderful day, with a fantastic realization in the morning, somewhere on a farm out in Botrivier. I have to share something with you.

I posted up this link today, as I was walking around Wildekrans Wine Estate, sourcing picture ideas and story concepts for them.

The picture caused a furor on my Twitter account as the replies flooded in. Yes, another tough day in Africa. Indeed, lately, there have been some tough moments and decisions.

You see, a while back I made the decision to go on my ace, to do three things which I was passionate about;

1. Write
2. Coach
3. Grow

So I took the option to coach more athletes, in a better way. All the time I am doing more technical things with my athletes, and indeed, over the next year, the service is set to grow almost exponentially for them, at the same cost. I have time to organize camps, create decent affiliate structures for them, etc.

I took the option to start a small media based business which focused on telling the stories of brands online, through a platform much like Urban Ninja. So far its been great and after a few months of struggling to make payments, I can happily say that I am indeed, above the breadline again.

And lastly, I took the option to stop working so hard, and in a way, live the holiday. I am doing less, traveling less, phoning less, emailing less, and getting alot more done. I don’t fill my day with crap and pretending to be busy, the missus calls that presenteeism, and you can read all about it on her site.

If you have a look at the picture, that was my life this morning. At one point, I sat down in a field of yellow flowers and there were about 200 swallows around me, in a frenzy, chomping away on little creatures in the air. It was so quiet that I could hear the wind in their wings. They got closer and closer and I could have reached out at one point to grab one if I wanted, but the moment was pure and I just let it be.

That was my work, and I know have a sticky story to tell about the farm, about the wildlife there, that indeed, if you wanted the same experience, they would more than likely not care if you went to lie down in the field, preferably with a bottle of their amazing wine of course, and listened to nature doing its thing.

I am taking on new challenges in the next year, learning to ride a mountain bike, paddle in the ocean, and I have a list of things I want to achieve or master as well. Simple things I would never had the time for in my “previous” life, where I spent 8am to 6pm doing very little, actually.

I am fortunate enough to be a simple guy. I love my car, which isn’t fancy. I never want a huge house, and I have amazing people who make my life easier, better. You see their brands on the sidebar, there on the right hand side. They make my life MUCH easier. They help me live the holiday.

Do I want more? Obviously. I had to slow down now, and get the basics right, and from here, I can grow my life with the same focus, the same essentials, even though these businesses are growing, I am going to keep the core the same.

More than anything, I have time again, and time gives me a freedom I had forgotten about. My own time, which I share willingly, but selectively.

2Oceansvibe talks about living the holiday. He does live that brand. I applaud him for the choices he makes (not always easy) to make his dream a reality. At times, you have to take the leap, and go with it. For a few months, you might have to forgo luxuries like movies or dinners in fancy restaurants. Who cares, really? Your ego might tell you that you are cutting yourself short.

If I look back now, I would rather have been breadline based with this freedom, than doing what I did previously.

My hope is that more people will live the dream, the holiday, and get what they want. If you are living the dream, please, let me know, so I can buy you a coffee, and share some of the secrets which can make it so much easier to live a simple life of meaning. I am NOT an expert, I merely have some experience.

2 Comments on “Living my life…

Big Rob
September 17, 2009 at 3:26 pm

Awesome post man, love it. Heres to living the dream!

Urban Ninja
September 23, 2009 at 3:38 pm

thanks Rob. see you on your own, living the holiday, amazing farm, soon, I hope.


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