September 17, 2009

Thursday bikeporn

Something slid away from me at Eurobike, but thank goodness it ended up in my inbox today.

Have a look at this thing…


Integrated front end. Integrated drinking system. P3-like rear wheel tuck.

and full custom. If you rock out with one these (Dura Ace DI2, Sub 9 disc, 808 front, VumaQUAD cranks) at your local race. I guarantee you will end up on TV.

you can have the frame for 50k. That is 50 000 (fifty thousand) south african rand. Vyftig duisend rand ou chomma!

If I had it lying around, I would invest. NOW. I am in love.

How do I go on with my life, knowing this is out there? LUST is a terrible thing. head to their website for more info.

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