September 29, 2009

Whasp Legend of Suzumebachi…

Whasp Legend of Suzumebachi the Emishi Warrior
Heian periods (7th10th centuries AD).

The story goes…. During the 38 year war somewhere between 774-811AD, Honshu, Japan,in the Tōhoku region a peasant farmer from the Emishi Clan had a near death experience after accidentally stumbling upon a hornets nest.He had got lost in a tropical forest fleeing from magistrates sent to govern their lands and collect taxes.

Searching for food he mistakenly opened a hornet’s nest, thinking that he would find honey in the “bee hive”. He managed to escape the deadly swarm by diving over a cliff into a steam, clutching the nest under his arm.

Once on the riverbank, still hungry, he opened the nest and found thousands of larvae in the nest. In desperate need of energy and stamina he started to eat the larva for survival, carrying the nest with him and replenishing his energy as he ran for miles through the forest looking for a road to take him back to his village.

He managed to find his village 3 days later after travelling more than 200 km inland down the northern bank of the Kitakami River.

When the people in the village asked him what happened to him he told them that he came across a miracle juice secreted by the larvae of what he called, the “Sparrow Bee”. He originally had mistaken the black and orange body of the wasp for a bee and because of the size, 50mm from head to stinger and the 76mm wingspan of the insect reminded him of a sparrow, therefore the reference to “Sparrow Bee” or Suzumebachi in Japanese.

The clan then renamed him Suzumebachi, later becomming the fearless leader Aterui. In the year 789 AD at the Battle of Koromo River (also known as Battle of Sufuse) the Japanese army under Ki no Kosami Seito shogun was defeated by the Isawa Emishi under their general Aterui. A four thousand strong army was attacked as they tried to cross the Kitakami River by a force of a thousand Emishi. The imperial army suffered its most stunning defeat, losing a thousand men, many of whom drowned.

It is believed that the defeat was possible because the 1,000 strong Emishi force ingested the larvae juice of “The Asian Giant Hornet”, Vespa mandarinia, also known as the Japanese hornet, it is the world’s largest hornet, native to temperate and tropical Eastern Asia.

Modern science has identified and isolated the secret behind the Vespa’s near supernatural energy, stamina and power. The adult wasp does not eat this solid food, rather, it receives a liquid secreted by the larvae in a symbiotic relationship called trophallaxis. This potent larvae juice consists of a specific amino acid profile believed to act as an enzyme catalysis to increase the bodies ability to metabolize fat and use it as energy.

The Asian Mandarin Wasp (Vespa mandarina) is one of nature’s most potent endurance animals. This wasp flies between 70-100 KM per day in search of food and carries between up to its entire body weight in food back to the colony to feed to the larvae.
The key to sustaining athletic performance lies in optimizing the body’s ability to metabolize fat. Fortunately, the body has a plentiful and highly concentrated supply of energy in the form of fat. Training for endurance develops mitochondria, large mitochondria, which increases the body’s ability to oxidize fatty acids.

The unique amino acid complex derived from the Vespa mandarinia Wasp works by shifting the muscles to metabolize a higher level of fat during physical activity thus stabilizing and conserving glycogen.

The brain and nervous system have to utilize glucose to function optimally, however, they require very little. Muscle tissue, when using glucose for muscle metabolism, consumes glycogen at an extremely high rate which will eventually result in the commonly experienced state of “bonking” if sugars are not replaced.

By shifting the muscles to metabolize a higher percentage of fat as the primary energy source glycogen/glucose levels are stabilized and conserved so the brain and nervous system can function optimally resulting in greater mental clarity/focus and optimal motor skills/coordination over a greater period of time.

Whasp Endurance Energy went a few steps further in selecting only those Amino Acids in the natural profile which are beneficial for human psychology and which have the scientific backing to prove the results.

The specific Amino Acid Complex has been carefully selected to form a synergistic matrix for optimum results. The formula has been developed to help;
– increase your physical endurance
– reduce lactic acid build-up in your muscles
– transforms reserves of body fat into long lasting energy
– lose body fat when exercising/training (Helps transfer fat into energy)
– enables the body to use the reserve glycogen as energy
– reduce muscle fatigue and cramping and after events

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October 7, 2009 at 11:02 am

Could you please tell me where I could purchase Whasp in South Africa

Urban Ninja
October 7, 2009 at 4:08 pm

Hi Marina,

I have passed your query onto the boys at Whasp and they will be in contact with you shortly. For major centres, try your Dischem stores, they are the best place to start.



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