October 6, 2009

Its Kona Week…

Right now you are going about your day like it’s any other day…

but 12 hours behind SA there is a small town on the Big Island of Hawaii going through the best week of the year. The Big Show happens this week. Last year I was there, blessed to be a part of the action. this year, I have many friends racing. Big up to Greg, Sarah, Marta, James, Johan, Sandra, Bek, Yvette et al for making it there this year – biggest SA contingent ever I reckon.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, watch the clips here and here.

Its Ironman World Champs time.



I will post my predictions on thursday, but I expect a superb contest to go down in the mens race, and yes, in the womens race as well. Its not the Chrissie show anymore.

I wish I was there this week. Its the coolest week of the year. Definately going back, sooner than later….

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