October 7, 2009

Its my party & I`ll cry if I want to

So I turn 30 soon, and today I started planning the big party, which for now, involves the pool on the roof at the Safehouse 2.0, some good music and people having a great time. If you are struggling to get into your mind what I mean, here is a video…

Got it.

I am busy tying in all the brands associated for a great day of giveaways, great real beer, fantastic wine, some short, small drinks, and some healthy snacks. Added will be some DJ’s playing superb funky house music, and possibly another white theme, as the last one went down such a charm.

The plan, after that, is of yet undisclosed, but I can tell you there will be a move to a secret location for after dark party continuation. Our neighborhood will not tolerate our after hours music level, as I plan to personally RIP up the turntables from 11 till 2am with a DJ set I am already planning which is going to redefine the summer.

I am only going to go into my third decade once, so might as well do it in real style.

If you are in town… gimme a shout. we can party it up together.

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