October 12, 2009

The Nokia N97 Raoul. I KID YOU NOT.

Nokia N97 mini RAOUL Limited Edition available for pre-order

We seem to be amidst a fashion phone splash today as the wave is still rolling with no intention of stopping. The star in this next fashion show is the Nokia N97 mini RAOUL Limited Edition coming only in 1000 units (and it’s a Singapore deal for now).

You all know the Nokia N97 mini, so we’ll just skip the introduction. The upcoming RAOUL Limited Edition will pack an additional emblazoned back cover with RAOUL signature stripes, a cal-skin leather pouch and appropriate lather dangler. All that stuff will be sold in a huge, beautiful leather-wrapped RAOUL box.

As far as software is concerned, the limited edition Nokia N97 mini will have a special Fashion Asia widget made exclusively for this package.

As a reward for buying this limited edition you will receive a complimentary RAOUL Gold membership with 25 euro credit, which can be traded on your next purchase in their boutiques. In addition Nokia will grant you a 25 euro voucher to show how much they appreciate you buying the fashion package.

Nokia N97 mini RAOUL Limited Edition costs exactly 400 euro and can be pre-ordered now from Nokia Singapore until 29 October. Remember there are only 1000 available packages so you better hurry up.

I mean… come on…

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