October 14, 2009

5 Clicks for the Day, 14 October 2009

Been a while since I did one of these… So here goes. Enjoy.

1. BKW has written a great article on Loyalty recently, with regards to team players, etc. Superb read.

2. Jon Cherry is also loving the Jack Parow Vibe. Remember to check the article here for the originaaaal Choon ekse.

3. Ou nuus, but here is the new Gold Fish video, called Fort Knox. Their concert the other day, top of the roof, courtesy of 2oceansvibe, one word… STELLAR.

4. Not reading The New Rules? You should be….

5. How to take back your time! by SitePoint rang home true. Its a constant message. How much clutter are you filling your time with?

Cool post in about 2 hours continues on that theme. Stay tuned. Thanks for the mails lately, you guys rock!

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