October 15, 2009

Jack Parow featured on

You know about Taxijam, right?

Where SA artists jam in a taxi, riiiight? Where have you been? Or as Jack Parow, from the Belville Massif would say…

Jy’s ou nuus!

Please enjoy my lad here. He has just left the corporate world to go full time into Afrikaans Rapchoonz. Two finger clap…

Taxijam presents Jack Parow from Taxijam on Vimeo.

Taxijam is the smallest gig around.

We provide a selection of some of South Africa’s finest creative talent performing in an intimate 5 minute taxi ride.

All clips are recorded and shot in exactly the same style, in one take and uploaded in their unedited format to our website.

Each and every performance is entirely democratic, there are no expensive stages or creative lighting, which makes it possible for viewers watch multiple musicians in exactly the same context.

We are not selective about what genre we shoot – We will shoot artists, musicians, poets, performers and basically anyone who blows us away….

This is a labour of love, and we will continue to shoot bands that we think are rad, but at the same time we like to link back to artists themselves, this is as much a showcase for them as it is for taxijam.

Whether you are famous or infamous, signed or unsigned, rock or pop, acoustic or metal or simply someone with a story to tell – anyone can hop on board…

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