October 19, 2009

HTFU & get it done…

I am so often surrounded by people lately who complain, about tough times, about everything that could be complained about. It’s like people are looking for things to complain about, and therefor, they seem to attract themselves to things that can make them complain.

Law of attraction, whatever you want to call it. The more you complain, the more “complainable” things will be attracted to you. Just life my bru, nothing but life.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Lately, I am tired. In the last 12 weeks I have taken my training from 9 hours a week to 18 hours a week. This week will see me go over 20 hours for the first time. It will be part of a consistent change. My biggest planned week is around 35 hours, in training camp format, in December.

Oh wait, I lie. Epic week will be about 45 hours, of cycling, in 8 days. the 35 hours is across 3 sports, yoga and strength training. How on earth do I plan to recover, session to session? I am not 100% sure yet.

Back to the point of the story. Today the headline reads that you should just get it done.

Yes, there is less cash flowing around. Far less “free debt” as well. Yes, people have been retrenched. People close to me are suffering because they got retrenched. Some, with an hours notice and no pay at the end of the working month.

My problem lies with those who then spend the 16 hours a day they are awake (24 hours less the 8 you should be sleeping) with about 1 hour of productive working. The problem is the culture we had for so many years, with presenteeism being instituted on us from all angles within organizations. Hard workers were told to work less, work smarter.

I say you should be hustling for 16 hours a day. If you are not hustling for time, money, love, freedom, rest, etc then you are wasting time. I am not saying work 16 hours a day, flat out, 7 days a week. That is not conducive to anything good. I don’t know anyone who could work 16 hours straight. I would say I work about 6-8 solid hours a day. This includes:

1. Research
2. Studies
3. Actual Work

I then have to train around 3 hours a day, I eat 5 meals a day, and need about an hours downtime before bed to ensure quality sleep. So I have a few hours to play with, which leaves time for personal relationships, family, and pet projects.

In the modern South Africa, as a white male (no racism here, just facts), I have to be open to the idea of being a real entrepreneur. I have to pursue everything, and assume nothing, as stated in the headline of this site. Those are also just facts. I cannot assume that what I am doing now, will be viable in 18 months time. There may be better options available to my clients, and I need to be prepared for that. So I diversify my time into different industries that will hopefully someday create a form of annuity income for me, and my family.

I have one company up and running, one coaching program about to launch officially, and another pet project I am working on. This takes a lot of time if you are a world class procrastinator, which I could easily become. Its a fine line between presenteeism and pro-activism. Typically, I have to ask myself a few questions with every task:

1. Will what I am doing now change my business?
2. Will this meeting result in an outcome, and action, or just another meeting?
3. Will this new account steal a proportionate amount of time from my day?

The last one is quite important, because I work on a monthly consultant fee, which is the same for all accounts.

If one client takes 6 hours a week, and the others all take 2-3 hours, then I am cutting myself short on the 6 hours per week account. How many of your clients take most of your time? Does the 80/20 rule apply to your business, and if so, are you focusing on those 20% of clients who bring in 80% of your profit, or spending your time on the 80% of clients?

In the end though, you just need to get done what needs to be done, in order for you to make sure you have, for me, an optimal situation where you are focusing on those 20% of clients.

My dream is to have 4 businesses up and running, each their own unit, that operate only with those 20% of clients. Each business (unit/model/division – take your pick) is profitable with those 20% of clients, so that at 80% capacity, there is scope for employment, annuity income, and early retirement. Each day will be split into 4, and I will dedicate time to delegate effectively in each unit. We ALL work 4 days week, so that we also have 20% of the week to ourselves.

How do I get there?

2 cups of HTFU and get it done. Hustle hustle. Work long hours, train hard, take all opportunities, explore all avenues. Tired? HELL YES. Inspired? HELL YES. Nobody said chasing your dreams would be easy…

Get err done..

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November 10, 2009 at 3:35 pm

I just love this article. I keep sending it to people & referencing it.


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