October 21, 2009

Gym & Endurance Sports

Those of you who have been unlucky enough to be coached by me know the value I put on my once a week gym session for you. Whilst not a full body session, its far more of a “core” workout. I place alot of value on lunges, squats, core work and quite alot of stability stuff i.e. one leg at a time.

The reason for this is simple – we do not hop when we bike, or run. Pretty much always (barring extreeeeeeeme desperation) we go ahead, one leg at a time. We also have to learn to keep our core strength statically strong for extended periods of time.

Wobble on your bike? time to do some plank exercises…

There is a pretty good workout here and a great explanation for why we do strength work is simply that, as we get a little older, we tend to get a little weaker, and to stay fresh with the whipper snappers, and able to be in the mix, you need some strength in there too.

A fantastic reason to be in the gym is also to avoid injury. I was fairly injury prone a few years ago, until I started regular work in the gym. Every single one of my disciplines got faster, and I have since, never been injured.

Also, as Crowder says. “A little rippedness never hurt nobody.”

Here is a new one I found today, which after a quick mail to the Muse, has gotten approval for insertion into the program. Hip Flexors, Hammies, Quads, Stability, all in there…

Unfortunately, for the mirror athletes, there are no bicep curls, and no calf raises.

But why only once a week? Ask my athletes about GR/ME/Big Gear Intervals. They are gym, ON the bike. They are included in almost every work-out we do. They DO hurt, but they ARE worth it. I have yet to come across another form of specificity towards ME (Muscular Endurance) that works as well as GR (Gear restriction) intervals…

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