October 23, 2009

Ironman SA heating up already. Some basics.

Its roughly 183 days to go till IMSA2010 and I can tell you that people are already far more serious than last year, and that there are a load of new people who are doing the race…

I know this because my inbox is full of people looking for help. They have varied degrees of problems, from minor to catastrophic, and their expectations are filling the same criteria.

I thought to put down a few basics that you should be doing this time of the year (In my humble opinion) in order to maximize your experience, come 25th April, 2010.

1. Base miles. You should be doing loads of it. All you training should fall in the zone of 60-75% of your max HR for now. Its boring I know. It sucks when your mates ride away up the hill, I know. Your life will, however, not end when they do. Your ego might suffer a bit, but that’s it. Load your miles to the extent that you can recover session to session doing proper base miles.

2. Nutrition. You should be getting your diet in check this time of the year. I would go with the blood type diet (personally working well for me), and check the article I wrote this article about the basics. You should read, and apply the principles.

3. Cut the clutter. Now is a good time of the year to streamline. Get rid of things which are nagging behind – get your car registrations done, your taxes in order, your admin in check. These things seem 10 times worse in February when you are going to be super tired.

4. Clear your mind. Sort out the things which have been bothering you. Apologise where you need to, clear the air with personal relationships. Make sure you are 100% with people before going into the period 1 Jan 2010 – 25 April 2010. You will be absent then more than you are now, and personal relationships and mental stress are the biggest handbrakes in IM prep.

5. Equipment check. Want some new equipment before the race? Check on pricing NOW, and start saving accordingly. For me, most important things are a proper fitting wetsuit, a professional fit assessment for your bike, correct running shoes, and PERFECT nutrition practise. Nutrition practise is expensive as long rides can involve 6 gels, 2 bars, 4 bottles and a coffee halfway, which is roughly R200 per long ride. Start saving.

6. No time goals now. Your primary aim should be to get fit at the moment, not worry about what time you will go on raceday. You should be training according to your current aerobic ability, not projected in April. That will lead to loads of unhappiness. Be realistic about your current fitness and how to go about improving it in the smartest way possible.

7. Sort the swim, early. Playing catch-up in the pool in March suuuuucks, trust me. Make sure you have a swim coach NOW who is sorting out your stroke so that you don’t have to worry about it close to the time. The aerobic profit you will get from swim squad carries across to all 3 sports.

Those are the 7 deadly sins most people are making at the moment. Make sure you are avoiding them.

Have a great weekend. mad love…

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