October 29, 2009

Are you a hyperplanner?

Very recently I have come to some amazing conclusion. I realize I have been pushing planning quite a bit over the last 18 months, but there has been a shift in writing of late, more towards the “work” side of life. Life is rushing by faster and faster, and I have recently found that I could spend hours planning and getting so involved in the planning, that I may actually miss the entire day.

Recently I seemed to hit a nice niche with the HTFU & Get It Done vibe. I noticed very similar approaches being taken on Endurance Corner as well as Chuckie V talking about it. In Ironman, people are so obsessed with planning that it can ruin their entire lives.

You can have the best laid plan in the world, but if you can’t get more than 3/4 of it done consistently, you are wasting time planning, when you should be spending that time doing.

Get it done. I reiterate – your success will not be achieved through hyperplanning, but through getting the work done. You will never know how much is too much until you have actually been there, swimming in the mucus of too much, the place where you are stuck in molasses when everyone is moving in parrafin.

How can you plan properly without knowing those limits?

This applies to life, to sport, to love, to everything. I worked in an office a few years ago where we spent more time planning actual sales than we did out in the field. In my relationships I have been guilty of planning for everything to go perfect but in the end there is always change and I may have lost some amazing moments by being too planned.

A hyperplanner will take success as achieving their goals. Who wants to achieve what their minds have tricked them into believing is their “ceiling” of achievement.

I remember being in a warehouse after a long, long nights partying years ago. It was dark, who knew how long we had been in there, moving in a mass of house music, vodka/redbull and white boy dance moves. Someone launched a bottle through the roof and one single ray of sunlight came through and almost burnt a hole in the dancefloor. Nobody knew it was light outside.

It was like they/we believed the dark was our limit.

Huge doors screeched into action and the light came pouring in, the party turned from dark to light, the entire vibe changed into a far more positive one, and we blew the perceptions out the water that morning.

What is your warehouse?

Are you going to throw that first bottle to look at whats outside?

Whats your excuse?

Make it work, get it done. Life will pass you by if you don’t get it done.

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