November 3, 2009

Approaching milestones

As you may or may not know, I am approaching 30 with an inevitability that scares even me at times. Mostly I am calm about it and quite looking forward to the experience of entering a new decade fresh with knowledge and with a few more wrinkles for people to take me seriously on.

But something to consider is how we approach these milestones in our lives. What is the process just before you get to the milestone, in order to maximise the stimulus from the experience of undergoing that milestone?

Nobody has ever explained it to me. I have to take this one by personal experience. On that note, its time to read my favorite poem, which you can do here to set our minds in the right frame.

Oriah talks about not caring about the worldly, instant-satisfaction, plastic society stuff. She wants to know about the real stuff. I love real stuff.

Ok… wandering minds…

As I approach a milestone in my life (a particular finishline, a moment in business before a big contract gets signed, a new emotional level of love, etc) I like to slow it down. I like to clear my mind from the clutter and really experience the moment for what it is, and all the pure emotion that goes with it.

There will be no cellphone click, buzz or twitter/fakebook/tumblr/asdlhjsgfofdfvlh update as I approach it.

The moment will be devoid of worry, of stress, of anguish. My milestones are arenas of love, laughter, success, achievement and experience. They come from knowledge and hopefully, its smarter cousin, wisdom.

Walk slowly, breathe deep and relish in the moment as you go towards your milestone. My 30th is a definite milestone, and today I had to slow myself down as there was alot on the go and I was missing out a bit on the fun element, worrying about everyone else.

Approach your milestones with a smile, they pass so quickly, you might just me missing a whole bunch of them….

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