November 9, 2009

Times may change us…

Maybe that was the major outcome of this party weekend. It was a large weekend, filled with anticipation and hesitation with the weather. The party was large, possibly too big for some people, and there were some casualties, but there were amazing stories which came from it.

Having had some amazing people come down for the weekend, purely to party with me, I was pleasantly suprised to see the change in some people over the last while. Good change. Settling change. Even through tough times, there are people who go through the tough times well, deal with things and don’t let them sit and burst out in a moment of ridiculousness. One of the best has been the transformation in comfort of James Cunnama. A pro athlete now, him and his girlfriend, Alexa, spent the weekend with us, and it was awesome to see how a year of real pro life, making it, has kept him just as he is, where is is solid.

He hasn’t changed at all, but there was something different, if you know what I mean. Its possibly a confidence thing. What used to be words is now written in the history books under the “results” section. Hard work does pay off, after all, it seems.

James trains harder than anyone I know. At the moment he is working on his limiting factors, which is way harder than working on your superb strengths. Its easy to get better where you are good, and stick in that zone. James is good enough to win any long distance duathlon in the world. But he wants to win in Kona, Ironman world champs.

To do that he is swimming twice a day, 50km a week. For someone who is not comfortable in the water naturally, this is the equivalent of riding 4 hours a day on a bicycle seat that hurts you from the first moment you sit on it.

Why do it?

For 4 minutes, that’s why. If he can swim 4 minutes faster over an hour, he will be where he needs to be, otherwise he might as well have the most superhuman bike on the planet, which will still probably not win him the race.

World class vs world champion are two different things totally, and the ability to go from one to the other means doing the hard yards without asking questions.

Great lesson. Great guy….

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