November 27, 2009

Is being an expert only perspective?

Expertise is a matter of perspective. It cannot be based in years. It cannot be based on experience.

It can only be based on perception.

To the second grader at school, the third grader is an expert
Simply because the kid in the third grade knows more stuff than the second grade kid knows. Having said that, the third grader might not feel like such an expert and consider the second grader to be smarter than he is.

In this very case, the second grader thinks the third grader is an expert. And the third grader thinks the second grader is an expert. So when you ask: Is Bruce Whatisname a marketing expert, then you’re actually asking the right question. Because the question is one of perception. Do you think Bruce is an expert?

If so, then he is. The results don’t matter, because no matter how much expertise Bruce may bring to the table, it doesn’t matter if you don’t implement those very same tactics and strategy to bring you income. However, does that make Bruce less of an expert in your eyes?

And then there’s Bruce’s perspective
Does he think he’s an expert? Perspective comes into play again here. Comparing himself with say someone whom Bruce considers an expert, he may not consider himself an expert. Bruce may consider himself an expert in a specific topic. And that’s why you need to get down to niches.

Niches create the perception of expertise
It’s why brain surgeons earn more than general practitioners in the medical trade. The GP can save your life just as a brain surgeon can. But the factor of niche causes you to place a higher value on the brain surgeon. A higher level of expertise. But is the GP not more of an expert? I mean she can sort out your cold, cough, dysentery, malaria, diphtheria etc. So shouldn’t she earn more?

You don’t think so, do ya?

Because it’s your perception. Nothing else.

Expertise is just a matter of perception. Not one of reality. Any kid in the third grade at school knows that

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