December 2, 2009

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Fresh out the door and ready to rumble in the jungle and tumble, even if I fumble. Dressed to kill and operating with a dim wit & a haziness from the stresses of a young life, what’s a guy supposed to do?

Unexpected catastrophic events are there not to test us, but to tell us we lost our way, along the way, through a concentration of off decisions. Each on their own, not so bad. Put together, a clusterbomb of irrevocable personal and emotion hurt.

I know of so many people who got tired this year. Tired of fighting for The Man. They took risks. Some smarter risks than others. There is just something honorable about being that guy or girl who’s willing to create their own destiny, even if they make mistakes along the way, instead of letting others dictate their lives.

Some people are amazing corporate people, and indeed, they have huge influence over 1000’s of people in their lives. Others work better on their own, and best they make good decisions that affect the lives of 10’s or 100’s of people in a positive way than being corporate and negatively affecting 1000’s of people.

If you manage to be corporate and do an amazing job and can change the world that way, I salute you.

If you have gone on your own and choose that route, I salute you.

In the end, it all comes down to choices, and the clearness of mind you can create to make choices, in whatever environment suits your personality best.

Its been a long year. A crazy year. One to NEVER forget. One to learn from, to take wisdom from and one to fall back on when the chips are down. How we drag ourselves out of a hole is as important as how we got into the hole in the first place.

Now let’s get up, and do it again, just better, with more panache, and maybe with a little more wine…

This is just a random musing, brought on by choices, and inspired by you.

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