December 11, 2009

10 Lessons for a Friday

1. Take 5 minutes to focus on your breathing before you go to bed. Slow it down and fill your entire body with fresh oxygen.

2. Change someones day by giving just that little bit extra to them.

3. Stop talking and listen to what we are really trying to tell you.

4. Define the difference between balance and contentment.

5. Find yourself outdoors in a new place where there is no noise. Sit there. Relish in the fact that you are alive. Clear your mind. Sit longer than you want to, because you need to.

6. Walk before you run. Its called momentum.

7. Tiredness is good. Fatigue is a problem.

8. Learn the difference between healthy food and real food. Real food has no more than 5 ingredients and doesn’t come in a tin.

9. Turn off your phone for a day. Change your voicemail before you do, informing the world that you will be back, in 24 hours.

10. Dance happy, not sexy.

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