January 8, 2010

New year, new sponsors…

So as of tomorrow, I am racing in a brand new jones. a brand new vibe. a brand new connection.

After the big hunt for a connection to spark the RokThis revolution, something bigger emerged and I am over the moon to be a part of something that focuses on my key skills, and leaves the big results to the whipper snappers. Not that the old racing snake hasn’t got some lead left in the pencil, but this is an amazing balance for me.

In 2009 Fairbairn Private Bank had a cycling team, and this year, with a bigger vision and some amazing new partners (more in future posts), we are going bigger and better. The team has a shared focus of results as well as development of young talent into professional athletes. Nobody on the team is a full time pro, but after a few months of being involved indirectly with the team with mentorship and a bit of vooma, we now have a youngster riding pro in 2010 on another team with a huge budget.


My involvement comes from the Urban Ninja side and giving the brand some exposure at the crazy schedule we have for RokThis from this weekend through the stage race MTB series, through Ironman, and until the end of the year. As the old guy in the team, I also help with mental preparation and some mentorship for the young guys. They are racing all the mountain bike races around SA and its my job to race triathlons, multisport races and make sure we get into the magazines, blogs, etc

Thank you Fairbairn Private Bank for the vision, and the belief, that we can give you the exposure you want. Fairbairn Private Bank is a private bank based out of the Isle of Man, and a division of Old Mutual.

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