January 11, 2010

Being there.

This song ranks up there with the best of 2009 for me, and will surely carry into 2010 with me as I am having myself a good time, in all that I am doing. Everyone wants to know what I am doing in 2010, what races, when the charity kicks off, and what I am doing work wise.

After 2009, which started out pretty good but ended up a right royal mess at one point, I wanted to make sure I am ready for 2010 and the Unsupported Tour was a great way to get out of my head and into the moment.

Being in the moment is a special place, and being there, as such, single tasking, is a skill that is pretty much the success to experiencing a real sense of completion in your life. Sport is an easy way to do that, because as you are going up an epic mountain pass, in 40 degree heat, there is very little else to think about than just turning the pedal, in the moment. Its a skill that’s tough to learn as we rarely get into situations which have us in the moment in the real sense of the word.

In 2010, I am already doing well, thank you. I am about to go into a 6 week phase of training after a successful race yesterday (more later in the week once I have some pictures for you), before we head into a phase where being in the moment will be personified, racing 5 hours a day every 4th day for 60 days.

crazy times.

This year the consultation business is growing, already with 5 deals on the table that I just need to finish up and get motioned, and it seems imminent that I will be employing some people to help me before we hit Q2. That is just what has to happen now, the natural progression on Rok Media has been unbelievable as I have yet to pitch someone, all business has come from conversations and referrals.

This year is just another year without too much planning to it. Everything is already in motion and the planning kinda all fell into place in 2009, whether I really want to admit to it or not.

Being there is the only option for me this year, a year where my support system is going to be stretched to the maximum they can deal with, but as its a year for me to make a difference on so many levels.

So if I seem dreamy or not here, give me a kick in the ass, won’t you…

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