January 11, 2010

New Sponsor Profile : Biosport

One of the most important aspects to my daily life is fatigue management.

Simply put, I was a total nonbeliever in massage, or what we could traditionally call Physiotherapy, after some really really really painful sessions that sent me home bruised, battered and in more pain than when I arrived. I heard of Biosport from TheHousemate, and thought to give it a go, after hearing about the women who “presses behind your ears to activate your hamstrings”.


This was too good to pass up. I love the idea of different remedy, and found out a bit more about MAT (Muscle Activation Therapy) which was what the crew at Biosport do differently.

You can find that HERE.

So off I went to the mistress of ear pain,Liné Griffiths, to see what this was all about. I was so blown away by what she was able to do to me in a short space of time (60min) that it became a regular part of my regime as I was building through the first big phase of my preparation for this year.

As our official campaign got going we built a relationship of referral for some credits (as any good barter trader will do) and from 2010 we now have a formal relationship with Biosport. Liné is an integral part of my life now, as she is involved with our Fairbairn Private Bank Team, and is providing one of they 4 pillars to my year.

There was a time before massage and a time after. I can honestly say that I have yet to come across someone who is not blown away by her service, her smile and her knowledge. Her list of clients include the Bulls Team who won the Cape Epic last year and the Specialized team (world champion Christoph Sauzer in the picture below getting sorted). So for normal athletes like us to have a chance to get what the pro’s get is something quite special.

Biosport has recently secured premises at the Wembley Square Virgin Active as well as being out beyond the boerewors curtain in Durbanville. This is a service that goes beyond just sports massage and you can only imagine the advantage of being properly aligned for the following:

1. Sleep patterns
2. Concentration
3. Circulation

All these things hugely influence your work arena and that means a better life overall, right?

If you need to speak to The Biosport Team, please call Liné Griffiths on 082 879 9444 to make a direct booking with her.

I am overjoyed that they made the decision to be a part of the 2010 Urban Ninja Experience and hope you will all benefit from the amazing treatment she offers us normal people.

One Comment on “New Sponsor Profile : Biosport

Saretha Slabber
January 19, 2010 at 5:38 pm

Hi Urban Ninja

You echoe my impression of Liné when you say; “I can honestly say that I have yet to come across someone who is not blown away by her service, her smile and her knowledge.”

Thank you for recognising the great work that Liné is performing and the difference she is making to sportsman who are opening themsleves up to the life changing benefits of massage!

Saretha Slabber


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