January 15, 2010

You’re not alone…


I was sitting here thinking what to type today, as its more or less my day off from the world before a monster weekend of training, recovery, friends and a few Jack Black Beers. Being tired is good for me, as it brings out my real character. Behind a wall of fresh facedness, we can all pretty much cope with anything, but add 22 hours of training in a week (record for me in a normal week) and the tiredness creeps into your every-single-moment mood.

I think its why I watched in awe last year as the Obox team cranked out the big hours, and maintained the love for each other, even in the most dire of moments. It’s a pretty special environment there, and an amazing relationship between the lot of them (they keep growing in numbers). Maybe more so than they know.

So being tired = very real aspects of how you deal emotionally with personal problems. Are you calm or ratty when you`re down and out, against the ropes?

Most people rush through this phase, whereas I feel they should take the time to learn to change their base behavior in these moments. What you change when you are ultra fatigued tends to stay with you for life. That’s why I urge my guys and girls to do training camps, detoxes, cut out sugar, wheat and dairy. The effects of these things teach us to cope with our stupid need to be comfortable all the time.

How we get through these moments changes our lives.

Sometimes you have to break down the Lego castle and rebuild it, from scratch, to make it better.

It’s also in these moments that we find out who we really need in our lives. When you are in dire straits, who are you thinking about, who do you really trust to help you, when you are proper down and out?

If you are alone in these moments, I think that is rare. We all have at least one person who we know that when the poop really hits the proverbial, we can rely on them to bail us out (even when its out of jail).

I want you to think of this person, and give them a call right now, to tell them that they are that person to you.

Just because.

Come on, it’s Friday.

Make. Their. Day.

They are your power animal…. hahahaha

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February 10, 2010 at 10:55 pm

very powerful, great post.


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