January 19, 2010

Why boys need adventure


There is this simple thing that most girls miss out on in the world, that they don’t always respect, or comprehend the effects of. I don’t always blame them, as some boys have a tendency to ruin the whole experience by behaving like idiots at these gatherings. Especially when there is alcohol involved.

Your boy needs adventure girls. He needs it like he needs air.

The reasons for this are quite simple:

1. Boys bond on adventure. The vibe that anything could go down brings us close together, which gives us a confidence that stretches beyond the extent of the adventure. In business, in love, in life, its important to know there are boys out there who have your back, when the poop hits the proverbial.

2. Boys need to rough it. Not shaving for 10 days, sleeping in the sand with killer mosquitoes, with lions roaring in the background grounds us to the ground. We need to rough it from time to time. It bonds us to mother earth, and you know what they say about boys and their mothers…

3. Boys need to push their limits. No-one was ever a personal success by playing it safe. As boys, we need practice in pushing limits, it’s not something inherent in us. Just like in nature, boys need to be tested, time and time again, to gain the skill to be effective “hunters”.

4. Boys need to talk smack. We need to mouth off about stuff only other boys should ever hear about. Our way on gathering knowledge often involves putting something ridiculous out there (that may, or may not have happened) and seeing how our peer group responds to this “knowledge”.

5. Boys are boys. We don’t play with dolls, we create wars and entire universes in our sandpits when we are kids. We need to go “all in” with games, playtime, etc throughout our lives. That’s why sports exist, and why business is driven by men (don’t get all feminist on my ass here please) – we are just playing on bigger scales.

5 compelling reasons to let him go away on that boys weekend, camping. I am not advocating weekends of debauchery. I use the word Adventure with real meaning because that is what boys need.

So now that that is concluded, why don’t you girls leave a comment below here and tell me what girls/women need like we boys need adventure.

thanks in advance…

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January 19, 2010 at 5:57 pm


Well flipin said homey!


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