January 25, 2010

Its all about economy.


This weekend I was lucky enough to have a bike ride with a real pro again. Now that I have a bit more power on the bike, I took it upon myself to take the Rural Rasta out for a ride with Dan Hugo, all round great guy and full time Xterra Pro.

Riding with a pro is a special experience not for how fast they go (we were able to hang on most of the way) but with how much ease they do it. I think you will find some answers to the cause in my posts on 10 000 hours of work.

It’s no different to a great graphic designer, who belts out the most amazing design with what seems like zero effort.

Dan is the same. Watching him tick out a pedaling action so smooth it’s comparable to water flowing over marble makes you remember why he is pro, and you are amateur. He is just SO good at riding a bike, the other two of us can merely ride along and marvel at the effort that has gone into achieving this.

It was the same when I had the chance to train with Team CSC back in the day. The guys were in off season, and they were so smooth (the Schleck brothers in particular) all we did was ride and watch them, and try to emulate them.

Now apply this to your work life. Have you tried to follow someone who puts together deals daily with such an amazing ease that it makes you sick? You think it was always this easy for them? You have to practice to be great. You can’t just sell. I bet people who can sell at a relatively young age hustled on the playground when they were 4 years old. I bet they hustled their parents for food when they were 2.

Economy is the secret here. Pro’s in sport, business, relationships all have it. But it takes practice. It takes effort, it takes time. It means you need to HTFU and get out there and be prepared to make an ass out of yourself from time to time in the name of all things economy!

I don’t need to go into the photo, it’s courtesy of Dan’s web page and from a training camp they held for one of their sponsors recently. In the photo, you can just tell these two guys are flying along, at no effort (seemingly). The other kwagga in the photo is none other than Conrad Stoltz.

But they do make effort. In all spheres of life. In business, in relationships, in friendships, it’s about the effort, even if it looks easy. Value the effort that’s gone into making it look that easy, and don’t judge others for making it look easy. I guarantee you that it’s still quite a bit of effort for them, as much as for you, they just go faster/sell easier/manage better but its still requires their total effort.

If you have economy at something, I applaud you.

2 Comments on “Its all about economy.

David Hadenham
January 26, 2010 at 7:49 am

True…… true…..

Urban Ninja
January 29, 2010 at 12:46 pm

How you Disco? working your economy for IMSA?


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