February 11, 2010

Change is inevitable

That is Die Antwoord, the latest version of Watkin Tudor Jones and his amazing persona shifting. You may remember him as Max Normal. He used to look like this;


and he used to sound like this:

No video, just a very much chilled version. Even then he was considered different and shocking. Die Antwoord live in the block of apartments where my Cape Epic partner resides, and the progression to a harder, more shocking version coincides with shock media I guess. No longer does anything positive make the news, it’s always shocking.

Like a list of Die Son coverstories, Die Antwoord is a very well thought out project and I have to give it to them, they are fully into it. Tattoos et al and how and where they find all that 80’s clothing is amazing. You`ll notice some vintage Puma gear in there, its a connection that’s been there for a while.

I have to wonder though, as amazing as I find this project, if this is really where we are going. How do you stand out, and make a name for yourself, in a world where Die Antwoord are the latest, greatest thing on the Interwebs, gaining approval from mass audiences literally around the world.

Watkin Tudor Jones is a genius, so don’t mistake me on that. An artist in the truest sense, totally committed to his passion, and that gets translated in it as well. People can feel and feed off his energy for success. He is a chameleon and a fantastic one at that.

Change is inevitable, and in current society that means a harder change for most people. More ruthless at work. Shock media to get your name out there. Visual imagery that stands out is tough to achieve in a society where we are bombarded with thousands of brand messages a day.

How are you going to change to stand out?

What would you change to stand out?

One Comment on “Change is inevitable

February 11, 2010 at 10:26 am

what I like about Die Antwoord is the polarisation effect they have.
you either love them or you hate them.


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