February 15, 2010

is someone getting the best of you

The song has been everywhere in the last while for me. It’s been in my car, on the radio, I asked questions about it on twitter, facebook, etc. The message was suited to the week that ended in Valentines Day, but more so suited to a year where people are going to experience major change. I believe this year people will go through huge change. The year of the Tiger commenced on Valentines Day as well, and the Tiger symbolizes peace and protection, so again, quite fitting in message and meaning.

Raw and powerful, I am not going to lie to you, this song has at times in my life had me emotional to the point of a trembling bottom lip as the question goes beyond the obvious relationship one. We all want to give someone the very best of ourselves, its in our inherent nature.

Societies rules and the hurt from previous relationships may hold us back, but this is the year where giving your all is going to give massive results.

This applies of course to your work relationships as well. Are your company, your boss or your co-workers getting the best of you. Are you clear minded enough and present enough in the moment to give them the attention they deserve to reach potential. Are you giving people with a vested interest in you the best of you?

Lots of questions around an amazing song, theme, and time of our lives. Now go back to work….

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