February 16, 2010

Keep it real.

Twitter - Lance Armstrong- Golfed w- @college6 today. ..._1266303067609

with looming challenges I find it’s more and more important to laugh. I initially saw this on Twitter the other day and it made me giggle like a schoolgirl. Having a mate who can make sure you “keep it real” is very important. Lance Armstrong is a guy who has every need catered for him, but his buddy College seems to be the guy who keeps him down to earth as much as possible. Probably why he is part of Lance’s very small inner circle.

We get so caught up in out sports routines, especially this time of the year, it’s important to remember why we are doing sports, that it is supposed to be fun. That life is not always that serious and not everything revolves around Epic/Ironman/Sani/Xterra/All of the above.

People are always suprised when they find out that maybe 2 guys out of the 12 or so guys who make up my inner circle are into any of the sports I am. In fact, most of them tell me I am crazy and stupid. It keeps me down to the ground, as their skills (tequila consumption, boyband dancemove routines, hysterical bouts of laughter) keep me well balanced.

Who in your life keeps you down to earth? Makes sure you stop taking yourself so seriously all the time? That’s a good person. Call them and give them a hard time, you might just be that person to them too…

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