February 17, 2010

Interview: Collin Allin from Bar One Manhunt


I wanted to do a couple of interviews this year, with some pro athletes, some mates doing amazing things, and some companies really on the forefront of tech which makes our lives easier. We start with a mate doing amazing things. Ironman finisher, entrepreneur and the guy who looks after me when I am in that stealing-stuff-after-10-snakebites mood, is Collin Allin. Purely on the last point does he deserve merit to be on the blog. Always out there making a statement, he entered the Bar One Manhunt and I was in the car with him when he got the call to say he was on the show. Very groovy indeed. I asked him 10 questions. Enjoy…

1. Why did you enter the Manhunt?

Because I think that I represent the SA male, Living life to the fullest, making the most of every opportunity that comes my way.

2. What will you do with the cash & prizes if you win?

First thing I will do is have a huge party for everybody who supported me through the show, take my girlfriend away on a holiday. I will drive the Nissan X-trail that we win as I have been driving it during some of the shoot days and it’s a awesome car.

3. Why should anyone vote for you?

I live my life on the edge, squeeze every drop out of life. I am laid back and easy and a great competitor, only want people to vote for me if they dig my vibe…OH…and because I have some other business ideas with the cash I win which I would like to do.

4. What’s been the most amazing part of the show?

Just how well everybody gets along on the show, I have made 10 great new friends, which make the amazing things we doing on the show even more special when you have a great bunch of people to share it with. Plus getting to tick things off your bucket list every time you do a shoot and have somebody else pay for it

5. Where can people find out more about the show?

They can go to the Bar-one website or join the facebook group and twitter under the Bar-one Manhunt.

6. Where can people find out more about you?

Follow me on twitter or my blog or get me on the Book of Face.

7. Who’s the strongest competition in the show, and why?

All the guys are strong, but Clinton is going to be hard to beat, he has a great fan base, mentally the guys are all tough and we all want to beat each other, great competitive vibe on show.

8. What’s your favorite flavor of bowling ball?

Grape, of course, isn’t everybody’s?

9. Beyond the Manhunt, what will you do with your new found fame?

I would love to present a TV show or do some MC work, like brand launches, Fashion shows etc.

10. A set of socks, bubblegum, dental floss and 3 pens. What can you build us with that?

Anything I wanted and remember if you build it they will come

So that’s it really, to vote for Collin send an sms with the following details: Bar-one Collin A to 34704 and watch the show on SABC 3 at 8:30pm every week. There are skydiving, Red Bull Fighter Plane trips and other amazing experiences on offer in the next few weeks.

One Comment on “Interview: Collin Allin from Bar One Manhunt

Collin Allin
February 17, 2010 at 10:09 am

Thanks dude, this is rocking

Don’t forget to vote people ” Bar-one and Collin A ” to 34704


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