February 17, 2010

Thoughts from the coffee shop

I am sitting here going through some things and there really is just an amazing vibe about this year. There is so much on the go already and it’s just not going to slow down. Here are a couple things you should be taking note of:


Find these around town… its important for future use. take a photo and tell me where you found it.

Short movie which someone passed on to me, very cool. Everyone should watch it.

Then found an amazing extension to the Moleskin family, called passions, here. My favorite is the wine one, click the image to enlarge…

Catalogue Notebooks2010 A4_IT.indd

There has been quite a debate going today because of a little thing that went down on Twitter.

You got to love Twitter.


Because the social network site is great for digging up fun, exiting and breaking news like…a potential TT (time trial) race between 7-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong and Chris Lieto, the second place finisher at last year’s Ironman World Championships in Kona.

Click HERE to see the best moments from the Ironman 2009 Championship race including Lieto’s second place finish.

As you may (or may not) be aware both Armstrong and Lieto are on the big island of Hawaii training.

A few hours ago Armstrong twittered this to Lieto:

Just passed @chrislieto going the other way. He was hammerin. Hey Chris, a little TT showdown on the Queen K tomorrow?

And Lieto replied:

see u on the Queen-K! Will have to be after 8am cause I have to swim first. Flying out mid day. Give me a call.

And Armstrong just replied:

Queen K Hwy TT Challenge. Tomorrow 9:30am. Start – Waikeloa Beach Dr to Kukio Nui Dr. 14 miles. Full gas. Take it easy on me


This won’t be a twitter ride. First ever “twitter time trial”. Love it“.

So it looks like we might have a epic Kona Ironman smack down brewing  on the Queen-K tomorrow between two potential Ironman rivals.

Armstrong says he’ll race the Ironman World Championships as soon as next year.

Check out Armstrong’s TT bike HERE.

Stay tuned tomorrow.. source

We’ll keep you posted if and when this epic race of TT champions goes down.

How crazy is that? Gotta love twitter. With snow in 49 states, no wonder 2 smart guys went to Kona, an amazing place.

Its also Earth Hour next month again? What else can I tell you except to go to their website to check out this noble cause.

That’s it for today…

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