February 23, 2010



So I am struggling in the last week, officially. I figure its better to put it out there, rather than do the typical athlete thing and keep it to myself. My experience on the weekend was just a manifestation of this “kidding myself” process in the last few weeks.

It all started with a big fall. Yes, my leg was pretty heavily cut up, but the real damage was not in the blood, infection and swelling. It was hidden in my back. I spent the week after the fall nursing my leg and arm back to health, all the while ignoring the tell tale signs. The headaches, the return of the sore right knee in the first 20min of running, the nerve under my right elbow twitching.

Lighthouse to Lighthouse went amazingly, my legs felt amazing, my head was in a great space, my hands dealt well with all the work, but there was a nag in my back, like a T-rex with a itchy bum, it was there. By tuesday morning I was in serious trouble, the “sinkplaatpad” had turned the niggle into an official problem. Massage on Wed confirmed that I was misaligned and needed to get back to Rob, my chiro guru.

He fixed me up, but it was the longest, most painful session of alignment and releasing I have ever had. My body completely skewed and my tireless ambition getting the better of me.

Stupid athlete. Tirelessly telling yourself you are ok, that its just a niggle. I should be better adjusted to listening and seeing the signs.

Anyway, we did what we could, but it was too little, too late. Friday I had the most amazing session of activation with Line, but the results were yet to show by yesterday. Xterra was a mare. 3 hours of frustration as I couldn’t find the strength to pedal, to run, no matter how hard my mind tried to push.

The alignment and the activation are two things which really take it out of me. My body was still in shock, even though my mind was roaring to kick ass and take victims, this being SA Champs and all. Disappointment in myself is without a doubt the thing I deal with worst.

Am I all better? NO. I reckon one more adjustment should do it, along with a session with a fitting expert. I need to work on some minor tweaks here and there. It’s all very tiring and emotional, but tirelessly I have to go about the healing process.

Silly fall. At the time, shock and adrenaline kept me going. I hope to have learned this lesson now. I gave out some advice regarding this exact subject to a pro a while ago, and there I was, not listening to my own advice. Silly athlete.

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February 25, 2010 at 2:43 am

best of luck man! hope it turns around quickly


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