February 25, 2010

5 Clicks for a Phuza Thursday


So you`re milling about your office, not sure what to do. You already had a singing session with yesterdays post, and after you`re 14th cup of coffee you certainly aren’t working. Your F.O.M.O behaviour last night has you left with a seriaas case of L.C and the P.P.S is off the chain today. The aircon is up full and you resemble a Turkish Bath right about now…

What to do? Have to look busy for the boss. Make these 5 clicks and you will have stuff to talk about across a platform of stuff today, in case somebody cares.

1. Deadly Sins are on topic. There is only one when it comes to changing habits.

2. Is there truly a mental edge to professional athletes, or is it all in the numbers? What makes the real difference?

3. We Love Real Beeris a cause close to heart, and the reason for a slightly fuzzy head this morning. Comment, follow, tweet, blog it. Get involved. It’s time for us to stop drinking chemical plastic beer.

4. Jackets are a personal favorite. This one I want in particular. Phew…

5. Creating Ultra Loyal Customers is something you could definitely talk about in the office today. So read this and look smart.

That’s it for today. Sports, Fashion, CRM, Beer, Balance all covered in 5 easy clicks. You will seem smarter to people, even if you have a head full of #realbeer. Have a great day!

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