February 26, 2010

5 time saving tips for working athletes.

As a working athlete myself, my time is supremely limited during the day and at current, a source is irritation to me. Lately I have been working on some ways to save time whilst still being able to see mates, get through training, eat correctly, sleep enough and get in a full day’s work.

Some of these require some planning, but the time planning outweighs the time wasted by not doing these things:

1. Pack the night before: Make sure you have your training gear out for your morning session. Save time by showering at the gym and pack your breakfast in with you. Getting up earlier is far worse than going to bed a little later. Time saved: 60 min per week.

2. Food tips: Pack breakfast and eat it while your mail is downloading in the morning. Keep healthy snacks with you, rather than walking to the shops twice a day. Time saved: 60 min per week.

3. Mobile email: If I absolutely have to, I take my phone with me for a lunchtime spin (indoors at the gym). I can bash out 10-15 replies whilst still getting in a great 45min session in my lunch hour. This leaves me with time to do proper work when back at the office. Time saved: 20-30min per week.

4. Find a regular deli. Making lunch at home is often not condusive to time saving. I have a regular deli where I can get a warm take out lunch for more or less the same cost as what I could make it at home. Worth having twice a week at least. Time saved: 40min per week.

5. Take it easy. We rush and push and never take a moment to breathe and relax. Stopping what you are doing when you are in a tizz is often condusive to collecting yourself and working better after an hour out. If you are too tired, close your door and power nap for 30min on the floor. You might come back and what would have taken you 3 hours to do would now, with a fresh mind, take you 2 hours. Time saved: up to 120 min per week

I`ll continue with this post next week, as I find I lose people after point 5 anyway…. but more on that next week.

have a great weekend.

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