March 11, 2010

Its the little things.

As we get more technical, more specialist, more niche the smaller differences make the biggest differences. The Tour de France is won on a difference in strength of a 1 year old child. Not alot in it, basically. So to find the most out of your position on the bike, your equipment, your nutrition, your recovery, can make the biggest change.

The drive by manufacturers for the best equipment is easily then justified. A new frame might win a rider a big tour, get them onto the front pages of all the magazines on their bike, giving them millions of dollars of exposure. This, with the right back-up, leads to sales.

The top of any game is separated by minute changes to differentiate those who make it big, and those who make it. The effort required to gain those tiny improvements becomes more and more hectic as the level of competition/skill/power grows, with the commitment level having to increase exponentially as well.

Here is where 10 000 hours comes in again. The first couple thousand are easy, the improvements made are huge, the fun factor is still there. Once you get to about half way, the changes become much smaller, but the hours you need to put in become much greater for that small change.

Not quite what you want to hear, but its the truth. Varsity, first couple years work, then a lucky break. That’s merely phase zero. Phase 1 comes after that with it only getting harder from there. Knowledge bases become leveled. Time becomes irrelevant, its the process that becomes the key.

If you can grasp this success will come your way. This is why its so important to focus your efforts, do not become a guy with 3 000 hours of skill in 20 different avenues. You are a jack of all trades, wealthy man of zero. Nobody cares, and the guy who has put in his 8 000 hours into one avenue will be much further down the line than you are.

Have a great day. The video obviously relates to the tireless process for seconds. seconds. not minutes.

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