March 15, 2010

Things to look forward to this week

1. Its the week leading into Cape Epic.
2. Our new kit is hopefully arriving this week.
3. I have 2 weeks of work to do in 1 week.
4. I am connecting some amazing people this week work wise.
5. The weather today is good enough to make the entire week great.
6. I am alive.
7. So are you, if you are reading this. Do NOT take that for granted.
8. Sanity prevailing again on CT roads after the Argus masses have left.
9. I am just excited man. Ready to rumble.
10. I have 2 massages booked this week.
11. I am going to start the most extreme endurance event in the world in 6 days time!
12. I have an amazing partner to do it with.
13. We have freaking awesome backup for the entire race.
14. We are taking #realbeer to the race.
15. I am doing a wine tasting with people from around the world at the Epic.
16. There is just something about work lately that has me super excited.
17. I have such amazing sponsors. Flip. You`ll be hearing all about them this week.
18. I am looking forward to being in totally over my head at some point this week. How else would I know how far I can go?
19. Endless music. This week is going to be about endless music, played loudly and singing everywhere.
20. I am feeling crazy busy, but content. That makes it a great week ahead.

tell me what you are looking forward to. I do want to hear.

4 Comments on “Things to look forward to this week

Pieter Blaauw
March 15, 2010 at 4:07 pm

Looking forward this week: 2.5km open water swim at Camps Bay on Sunday as prep for IM in April.

Good luck for Epic, I’m pretty sure you will rock it!

Boyd Roberts
March 15, 2010 at 5:20 pm

Good luck with your week and the Cape Epic, i hope Sani2C was good prep ….

Im looking forward to a crazy week too, i have 3 days left in the UK office, 2 days packing my house, a weekend of saying goodbye to great friends i have made over the last 10 years and then next week im on the plane home and really excited about come back to the most beautiful city in the world.

Bring on Cape Town …….

March 15, 2010 at 9:47 pm


March 16, 2010 at 5:16 pm

Raoul & Brett, I will keep you both packed very tightly in my heart for the duration of the race. I’m so happy for you guys that it has all come together. You have worked so hard & I wish that your dreams come true. I will be with you every km of the way. Go get them guys! Let the fun begin. You have so many rooting for you that it can only be good.


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