March 23, 2010

Quick Update: Cape Epic


Its tough to type as I have tendonitis in 4 of my fingers, courtesy of a failed front shock on day 1, where we rode 8km in the middle of train tracks near the end. What that has meant is that i struggle to do basic things like hold onto my bike when its very rocky, especially going downhill at 50km/h.

Epic has been a unique day each day. We started day 1 in about 300th position and ended in in 34th which we were super excited about. Day 2 was custom built from hell, when we managed to destroy the rear derailleur on a bike 6km into a 95km stage that we had specially come to pre-ride as it was mostly single track and beautiful. We lost 1h40 fixing the bike and it was a very long day.

Today, day 3, we held tough and reinstated some pride with a rise from 150th out the gate to 36th at the end. Couple more days to go, with various degrees of hurt and my hands are the biggest concern.

Couple things to note:

1. SLUDGE – not one puncture for us to far in a race riddled with them.
2. ROCKETS – our recovery is fantastic.
3. BIOSPORT – looking after us like champs, even when we have off days.
4. MOREWOOD – incredible bikes.
5. SPORT-X – super solid days so far energy wise.
6. WHASP – the kick is there when we need it. love it.

I am scared I have missed someone but I am super tired and ready for feet up and hand recovery.

chat soon.

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March 23, 2010 at 10:05 pm

Raoul & Brett you are incredible!!! What you did today was awesome – I salute you


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