March 30, 2010

It’s all good

Its more or less that time of the year when reflection comes into play. Serious endurance training brings about a fatigue which has most of us thinking quite a bit, wondering about lost things, scatter brained at work and being a bit lost albeit looking in fantastic shape.

My Cape Epic report is an emotional one and is taking a bit longer than I thought as I am trying to capture what went on and how much of amazepenguinballs happened out there. The over exuberant energy that is bounding out of me was evident for all last night when I presented to a crowd of new and old Ironman guys on two things: pacing and nutrition.

I have been absent for a week on this blog but in reality I have never been more present. Never been more in the moment. Proper distraction involves riding that wave that has you totally out of touch with the world that consumes your attention. The only things which got attention in the last week for me were my infallible hunger, my amazing bicycle, my tired legs and my amazing partner for the trip. The rest came a very distant second. Simple. Effective. Beautiful.

Immaculate as we are able to be as humans, we are so easily distracted by nonsense and it was good to get back to a few simple things. Getting back to reality means that you realize that not much changes when you are away and the world will not collapse if you are not there. That, in my opinion, is pretty groovy.

It’s preposterous to think that life could always be so simple, but a good dose of it every now and again is a fabulous thing. Believe it or not, cycling 700 odd kilometers over more mountains than I care to remember and with more rocks than I knew existed on earth has left me with abounding energy for tasks that lie ahead. My body, apart from stitches and grazes, cuts, bruises and an upper respiratory tract infection, feels great, strong and willing.

So it is all good. I survived an adventure, an ordeal and an amazing experience. Reflecting on that has been fantastic. I expect to be sharing the full brunt of it with you in a day or two, but I am not sure how on earth I am going to get you into my headspace for the last week.

Until then, there will be more posts up as I go through what other people have been going through in the last week. I am excited already as I see there have been breakthroughs everywhere.

Go on, be great, it’s all good.

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