April 6, 2010

What one thing, if it happened, would change everything?


Real change rarely happens without a crisis.

Crisis is only as much of a crisis if you let it be, so even that is a relative term, however I don’t want to be telling you what is a crisis and what is not.

Given that my life is very unstable, as I am busy but not where I want to be financially just yet with lots of commitments that don’t relate to cash flow just yet! It’s a useful technique for you to consider if you have a very stable life – learn how to create your own crisis, even if its just in your head.

When we train, change happens slowly – so slowly that, most the time, we fail to see it. It can be the same in business – progress seems so slow that we might not realize the value that’s being created (or eroded). I am particularly in a space where progress seems slow, however if I am honest with myself I have to see the value that has been created. It just needs to become really real now in the really real world.

I have a team of people who I have to fall back on who provide services, advice and inspiration to me to get going, all necessary considering I am a one man operation. They gave me a few tips that I will share because they are fundamental to creating a team, and building value.

• Do you know why people are on your team?
• Why would a team member stay on the team?
• Who are the people that want to help you succeed?
• Where are these helpers most capable?

There is something to be said for focusing on our strengths and letting a good brand build itself. However, the “crisis” of time & email is a daily factor for me.

With the right help… the cohesion of our team is enhanced. Cohesion creates value, value enables me to succeed at my larger mission of helping people help themselves. This is of particular value to the Fairbairn Privae Bank Multisport Team. This is a service I provide as it results in no positive cash flow, but creates a great opportunity for the members of the team to outdo themselves and hopefully boost them into professional contracts in the near future. We are currently collecting and readying for the 2nd half of the year with the team to create more value for sponsors, athletes and people around the team.

I have recently asked myself those 4 questions about the team and its sponsors and was very happy with my answers.

Essentially thought, what is the one thing that could happen today that could change your world, and how are you driving the forces that be towards that one thing. It might not happen all by itself after all.

The inspiration for this post came from Endurance Corner, who asked the same question with regards to their coaching team.

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